'I was brought up to respect the elderly': Dramatic moment Good Samaritan rugby tackled thug who robbed woman, 82


Caught: Sam Woodward, left, pins Brown to the floor in the supermarket car park after he robbed an elderly woman of her pension

This is the dramatic moment a mugger who robbed an elderly woman of her pension got rough justice - after being rugby tackled by a Good Samaritan in the middle of a car park.
Violent thug Benjamin Brown had attacked the 82-year-old woman and snatched her handbag outside a post office in Leicester.
But as he fled he was spotted by Sam Woodward, who chased after the thief and grabbed him as he tried to get away.
After rugby tackling him to the ground, former doorman Mr Woodward kept Brown in an arm lock for 10 minutes until police arrived, before handing back the stunned pensioner's handbag.

Good Samaritan: Sam Woodward, left, described the actions of Benjamin Brown, right, as 'lower than low'

Mr Woodward, 33, who now works as an estate agent in Birmingham, said: 'What he did was lower than low - I think that he got everything he deserves.
'For someone to come up behind an old woman and throw her to the floor is cowardly.
'I was brought up to respect the elderly and I found what happened horrendous.
'She probably just popped out for a pint of milk, and she shouldn't be scared to do that. 'When I imagine somebody doing something like that to my mum, I would want someone to do what I did.'

Mr Woodward said: 'When I caught up with him, I rugby tackled him to the ground, got him in an arm lock and waited for the police to arrive.
'I used to be a doorman for five years so I knew what I was doing and I didn't hurt him too much.'
Brown, 31, was jailed for five years after admitting the robbery in July 2011 and a string of other offences at Leicester Crown Court earlier this week.
A court heard his previous convictions included stealing three medals worth £600 from a war memorabilia stall in Loughborough.
Mr Woodward added: 'You could tell the victim was in shock - she walked over to me while I was still sitting on top of him and asked for her purse back, because she'd like to go home.

source: dailymail


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