'We're the three best friends anyone could have': Justin Bieber relaxes with his buddies on Miami beach


Chilling out: Justin Bieber was spotted relaxing on Miami beach with his friends, before attending at basketball game

With millions in the bank, just as many fans and an equally famous girlfriend, it's nice to see Justin Bieber still makes time for his old friends.
The 17-year-old was yesterday spotted relaxing on Miami beach with his childhood buddy, Ryan Butler, who is from his Canadian hometown of Stratford, Ontario.
And he tweeted a picture of the pair along with another friend saying affectionately: 'We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have.'

Fun in the sun: Justin's childhood friend Ryan Butler took his shirt off in the scorching heat, while he covered up in a singlet

Justin enjoyed a cool beverage on a sun lounger while Ryan took his shirt off to get a tan. Despite the scorching Florida heat, the teenager donned a black beanie which he paired with a red singlet, cut-off jeans and socks and trainers.
He later watched the Miami Heat beat the Hornets 109-95 at the AmericanAirlines Arena.

Buds: Justin tweeted this picture of the pair and another friend saying: 'We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have.'

The singer has known Ryan and his family since he was a child.
In fact, his British-born parents helped raise him from age five, as his mother was unable to cope, they told the Mail On Sunday in November.
Justin showed his support for his friend by buying him a white Mustang convertible for Christmas.
And Ryan can be seen on Justin's 2009 video for One Time in which he plays a video game with him.

Aren't you hot? Despite the scorching Florida weather, Justin wore a black beanie and socks and trainers on the beach

Meanwhile, his girlfriend, popstar and actress Selena Gomez has gushed about the star while posing on the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan.
'I'm just like every 19-year-old girl.
'If you're in love, you're in love to the fullest, and you just want to go to the movies, hang out, and be as normal as possible.
'I'm fortunate that I've found someone who has that philosophy.'

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