The best body in showbusiness? Charlize Theron steps out in minimal lingerie and just a jacket for racy magazine shoot


Nothing else needed: Charlize Theron is seen wearing just a blazer and a pair of knickers as she poses for a shoot for Vanity Fair

She strips off completely naked to advertise Dior’s perfume so it’s clear she isn’t shy.
And it’s quite clear that Charlize Theron is comfortable in her own skin wearing just her underwear and a blazer in her latest photoshoot for Vanity Fair.
The South African model, 36, is seen dressed in just a pair of knickers the jacket and nothing else as she poses against a white backdrop.

Not fazed: The night time shoot isn't getting in the way of the traffic Charlize strikes a pose

The magazine also takes the shoot outside and Charlize is seen strutting her stuff in a low cut skimpy swimsuit, draping the blazer around her shoulders.
She stands in the middle of an empty road in one shot but as the screen pans out traffic is seen passing by her.

Passion for fashion: The actress uses the blazer as a shawl as she drapes it across her shoulders

Her lengthy legs, which are enviably slim appear endless in her high heels as she struts past the camera.
In the interview the actress reveals she used to harbor an unlikely crush.
Charlize confesses: ‘I was so in love with Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver.’
Earlier this month the actress was seen on a shoot for her film Snow White, which she stars in alongside Kristen Stewart.
The actress was seen cradling a friend's baby in between takes which showed off her maternal side.

Thumbs up: Charlize and her photographer show signs they have had a good time

Speculation has been rife that the actress wants to adopt a child, joining the likes of Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie.
She told Germany's In Touch magazine: 'I want a baby. If it would happen tomorrow I would be very happy.'
When asked if she would consider adopting as a single mother she said: 'Why Not? I'm open to everything in life.'

source: dailymail


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