Serving up a sensation: The 18-month-old toddler tipped for table tennis stardom... before he's even learned how to talk

-Jamie Myskova-Buddell wows viewers with YouTube clip of him playing table tennis
-The 18-month-old is in demand all over America and wanted for Ellen DeGeneres' chat show


Serving up a storm: Table tennis ace Jamie Myska-Buddell has become an overnight internet sensation after a short film was uploaded of him playing on YouTube

An 18-month-old is serving up a storm on the internet after his parents uploaded a video of him showing of his table tennis skills.
Talented Jamie Myskova-Buddell may not be able to talk yet but the pint-sized prodigy already he possesses a deadly forehand smash.
In the 90-second clip, which has taken YouTube by storm, Jamie can be seen perched on a full-size table where he waits for his dad to hit the ball to him before he dispatches it back with pinpoint accuracy.

Match point: Jamie Myska-Buddell can not yet speak but the 18-month-old is already impressing with his table tennis skills

Future star: Jamie's table tennis skills have already been seen by thousands of people on YouTube and he is already being tipped for success in the sport

More than 630,000 have already viewed the clip of him in just four days, with Jamie's dad, Kevin Buddell, describing the experience as 'mind-boggling'.
The family, from Plymouth, are now being bombarded with international media requests as the tot becomes a global star and TV legend Ellen DeGeneres has already made a desperate for them to appear on her chat show.
Kevin, 45, said 'Jamie seemed to pick it up naturally after he started playing with a table tennis ball and it wasn't long before he was hitting it with a bat.

Biting back: Pint sized prodigy Jamie is in demand in America after footage of him playing table tennis went viral

'Now he carries a bat everywhere he goes, there's a swing ball between the living room and dining room at home and he hits it every time he passes through.
'We put him on the table and he loved hitting the ball back - he has got great hand-eye co-ordination.'

He's no dummy: Jamie takes a break from showing-off his table tennis skills for a quick break with his father Kevin Buddell

'So she filmed us playing table tennis and then uploaded it to YouTube so they could watch their grandson from home. 'It only had 350 views but then it went crazy last week - it is mind-boggling what has happened.
'We have been on ABC and now Ellen DeGeneres is trying to get us on.
'We did it as a bit of fun for Jamie and now everyone is raving about it - the Americans absolutely love it.'

source: dailymail


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