Police pay 73-year-old driver £20,000 after officers smashed his Range Rover's window and windscreen for driving without a seatbelt

-One officer jumped onto the bonnet of the car and kicked in the windscreen
-A police disciplinary panel concluded the officers’ actions were justified


Extreme: Once Mr Whatley had pulled over a police officer smashed the driver's side window

A retired businessman today won more than £20,000 damages from police who smashed his car windows for driving without a seatbelt.
Grandfather Robert Whatley, 73, was pulled over in his Range Rover in 2009 and expected the officer to gently knock on his window.
But one policeman hit the glass 15 times with his baton - while another climbed onto the bonnet to kick in the windscreen of the £60,000 car.

Legal victory: Robert Whatley has won compensation from police after officers smashed his car windows

It was all captured on a video camera mounted inside the police’s own patrol car as Mr Whatley was stopped in a quiet country lane.
The video was obtained by his legal team and later posted on YouTube - and has been seen by more than 30 million people worldwide.

Caught on camera: As one officer opens the door to get Mr Whatley out, another can be seen on the bonnet stamping on the windscreen

Gwent Police paid Mr Whatley compensation for the ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ he suffered at the hands of the two PCs.
Former property developer Mr Whatley was arrested at the scene, charged with driving without a seatbelt and failing to stop for police. He was found guilty and fined a total of £235.

Shocked: Mr Whatley is eventually removed from the car

But Mr Whatley had the last laugh - when Gwent Police agreed to pay an out-of-court settlement and his legal fees.
The force also paid for repairs to his black Range Rover costing £9,800.
Mr Whatley, of Usk, Monmouthshire, said: ‘The police went completely over the top - you would have thought I had robbed a bank
‘I was terrified when they started smashing in the window and trying to kick in the windscreen.
‘I feel the rogue officers were too quick to turn to aggression. I brought this claim as a matter of principle and not for compensation.’
Mr Whatley, who was recovering after he suffered a stroke, admitted not wearing a seatbelt because he had been reversing earlier.

Damage: It cost nearly £10,000 to repair the Range Rover

source: dailymail


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