'Mind over matter'! Madonna overcomes hamstring and nose injuries just in time for Super Bowl performance


Mind over matter: Madonna says she is in fighting form after suffering a hamstring and nose injury ahead of her Super Bowl performance on Sunday

Madonna is just one day away from one of the biggest performances of her career.
But the Material Girl has been suffering from a hamstring injury in what could have jeopardised her big moment.
The singer had a mishap while rehearsing and as well as hurting her leg, she also suffered a knock to her nose.

Ready to perform: The Material Girl told reporters in Indianapolis that she had lots of ultrasounds and physical therapy to get better

But the 53-year-old says she is in fighting form and ready to hit the stage.
'My nose is healed. I'm okay,' she told reporters in Indianapolis where Sunday's NFL game will be held. 'Lots of warmups and tapings and ultrasounds.
'I feel like I'm one of the football players right now with all the physical therapy I had to do. Mind over matter.'
Although Madonna will be singing three of her classic hits as well as her new tune, the singer said that she did not want to give anything else away ahead of time.

Lifelong dream: The 53-year-old will sing three of her classic songs as well as her new track

'I don't want to blow the surprises,' she said. 'I want people to be knocked out of their seats.'
Her new track Give Me All Your Lovin has already gone to number one in 48 countries on iTunes in just over a day.
The music video also has more than 3.5million views on YouTube since being released on Friday.
The clip was broadcast simultaneously on more than 1,600 digital displays across the globe, including the US, France, Spain, Singapore, and in London's Piccadilly Circus.

Groovy: Madonna released her new song Give Me All Your Luvin on Friday featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj

Madonna was also very clear on who she would prefer to go on a hot date with out of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his New York Giants counterpart Eli Manning as the two teams get ready to come face to face.
'I would have to say Eli, because he lives in New York,' she revealed before adding: 'And I don't want him [Brady] to waste gas.'

source: dailymail


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