One Direction arrive back in Britain and head straight for a good old fashioned pasty after a week in health conscious Hollywood


Hungry lads: One Direction head straight to Tesco after arriving back from USA

They had been mobbed by teenage girls throughout their U.S. tour and became instant heartthrobs.
So it's not surprising that One Direction's debut album has been brought forward a week in America.
But after spending this week promoting their music in the US the X Factor finalists arrived back in England today and had clearly been missing British food.

Feeling full: The teen heartthrobs missed some good old fashioned English food

The lads stepped off their plane and made sure that their first stop was at a supermarket so they could get some good old fashioned English grub which wasn't available across the pond.
The five-piece boy band must have been famished after the long-haul flight and made a quick pit-stop at Tesco supermarket where they picked up some essentials.
Curly haired Harry Styles showed that he doesn't care much for watching his figure as he tucked in to a small pie and with a mouthful of pastry he smiled contently.

Pie eater: Harry Styles munches on a small pie earlier today after having just landed back in England

Harry savoured the moment as the boys were escorted by a couple of minders as they walked back to their car now fully satisfied with a belly full of deli snacks.
Zayn Malik, who had bought some chicken bits to eat, seemed to have returned from America with a new habit and was spotted with a cigarette in his mouth as he crossed the road.
For once, the Gotta Be You singers were not surrounded or chased by any female fans, perhaps because most of their fan base would have been in school.

Every little helps: One Direction emerged from the supermarket with a bag full of goodies to eat

Bad habits: Zayn Malik of One Direction appeared to be sporting a menthol cigarette in his mouth

The boys were swarmed by fans during their visit to Los Angeles where they filmed an episode of popular series iCarly with the show's star, Miranda Cosgrove.
The crowds of screaming girls were so big, the band was ushered through LAX yesterday, out of view from their followers.
Liam tweeted: 'Sorry to anyone who was at the airport security wouldn't let us out that way so frustrating!!'

Say cheese: One Direction (four members pictured this week) have had their debut album pushed forward a week in the U.S.

Big things ahead: The band pictured with Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove, from left Niall Noran, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Liam Payne

source: dailymail


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