Is this the most awkward family photo ever? Pregnant couple sets new standard with bizarre shot


A new record: This extraordinary picture could be the most awkward family photo in history

Over the past few years, the website Awkward Family Photos has been serving up the world's most embarrassing snaps to an eager audience.
So perhaps the public has become immune to the diet of matching sweaters, cringeworthy set-ups and over-the-top celebration which characterise most of the photos. But this extraordinary example may well set a new standard - it could be the most awkward family photo ever.

The picture, which has been shared on Facebook 38,000 times, features a young couple showing off the development of their unborn child.
Nothing wrong with that - except that, for some reason, the pair are topless, with the woman wearing revealing lingerie.

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And their new baby is included in the photo by the simple expedient of drawing a picture of it - complete with umbilical cord - on the mother's belly.
Family-photo aficionados will already be used to seeing children unwillingly roped in to their parents' photographic masterpieces.
But this couple has taken that to a new level, by including their child in the photo at a time when, confined in the womb, it really is helpless to refuse.

source: dailymail


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