I've lost my pussycat! Kirsten Dunst goes on hunt for Tazzy with the help of boyfriend Garrett Hedlund


EOn the hunt: Kirsten Dunst and her boyfriend Garret Hedlund cycled around Toluca Lake, California yesterday putting up posters for her missing cat

It's always distressing to lose a beloved pet.
And it seems that like any caring owner, Kirsten Dunst is doing everything in her power to recover her missing cat.
The 29-year-old was spotted cycling through Toluca Lake, California with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund putting up posters offering a reward for the recovery of 'Tazzy'.

Trying everything: Kirsten is offering a reward for her pet, 'Tazzy'

The grey and white puss apparently has no collar.
Kirsten and Country Strong actor Garret were relatively inconspicuous in grey and black as they sped around the area on bikes, both wearing sunglasses to cover their faces.
The pair diligently put posters up on telephone posts and other available surfaces, clearly sparing no energy in their search for Kirsten's furry companion.
This rather conventional pastime makes a stark contrast to Kirsten's other recent travails.
The actress was on hand at the Sundance festival's Variety Studio in Utah last week to promote her latest project, Bachelorette.
The Will Ferrell-produced comedy premiered at Robert Redford's festival tonight.

Offering a reward: Kirsten is clearly desperate to see her cat returned safely

She plays a character named Regan in the ensemble film, an overachiever who must act as a bridesmaid to Becky, a girl she refers to as 'Pig Face' (Rebel Wilson).
Fellow childhood pals Promiscuous Gena (Lizzy Caplan) an Ditzy Katie (Isla Fisher) complete the bridal party.
Adam Scott and James Marsden round out the cast, all of whom took a cast portrait together yesterday.

Going incognito: The couple wore low-key grey and black, with sunglasses to cover their faces

Teamwork: It's touching to see Garrett's willingness to help his girlfriend

The movie captures one very long, very emotional night before Becky's big day.
Kirsten told the Daily Mail while promoting her last film, Melancholia, that she doesn't mind going nude onscreen if it's for artistic purposes, and that any partner she has should be proud of her gumption.
She said: 'There’s a scene in Melancholia where I’m lying naked, bathing in the glow of the Moon, but it looks like a painting as it’s lit so beautifully.'

Raised a smile: It looks as though Garrett is helping to keep Kirsten's spirits up

'You can almost forget that I’m nude. Whether your boyfriend minds seeing you naked depends on what kind of boyfriend you have.'
Country Strong actor Garrett flew to Utah to support his girlfriend.

Staying hydrated: The actress kept a bottle of water in her bike's handy basket

source: dailymail


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