Glow your own flowers: Scientists create secret formula to make plants fluorescent


A woman holds one of the fluorescent flowers which will no doubt be popular with brides hoping to impress

You would be forgiven for thinking that a trick of wizardry has turned these flowers luminescent. But Professor Mark Tester and a group of Australian scientists have created a special formula which can be used on plants and flowers, making them glow in the dark. A simple spritz of Galassia Flowers can be sprayed onto foliage which is then placed next to a luminescent device, instantly making them flourescent.

The formula is sprayed onto flowers and plants which are then placed next a special light to make them glow

The effect is astonishing and can transform even the most dull foliage into something spectacular.
It is bound to be a hit with potential brides who might want to add a splash of glamour to weddings or could even be used to brighten up a party.
The product is non-toxic and can be washed out of clothes with warm water and soap should any accidents occur.
Currently it is only on sale Down Under but demand for the secret formula is expected to rise.
To visit the Galassia Flowers website click here.

The formula is non-toxic and lasts for a few months - long after the flowers survive

A woman wears luminescent flowers which have been created using the spritz as a corsage

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