Flying the flag for Britain! Geri Halliwell goes native Spice with new clothing range (but will anyone actually buy it..?)


Now and then: Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell stands by the iconic image of her in that Union Flag dress as she launched a clothing range today inspired by that outfit

When she burst onto the stage at the Brit Awards in that bottom-grazing Union Flag dress, she more than secured her place in pop fashion history.
And 15 years later, Geri Halliwell has returned to her Spice Girl days by designing a clothing range inspired by that iconic frock.
The former pop star was snapped today at the launch for her new collection for high street store Next in one of her own designs.

Is that really me? Geri smiles fondly at her younger self whose dress became a pop icon after its appearance at the 1997 Brit Awards

And Geri, 39, who has designed lingerie and swimwear for the company, was keen to keep up her patriotic stance from the 1997 Brits.
However, onlookers couldn't help but notice that the hemline on her new design is a lot longer that the hip-hugging dress she wore before.

Patriotic: Geri was joined by a group of models who helped show off her designs

Can we see the GB swim team in this for the Olympics? Geri's Union Flag design also made it onto a bikini and tankini

Not that Geri hasn't got the figure to pull that dress off, but as the mother of one approaches 40, something more elegant and sophisticated was clearly what she had in mind.
She was given a helping hand by some models who were happy to help her show off her Great British designs at the launch in central London.

Iconic: Geri Halliwell in THAT dress performing Who Do You Think You Are at the Brits in 1997

The iconic dress that Geri wore at the Brits, was actually a plain black Gucci dress to start with, but Geri thought it was too boring and got her sister to sew a Union Flag tea towel on the front to jazz it up and make a patriotic gesture in keeping with the evening.
The dress, which has its own Wikipedia page, catapulted her and the Spice Girls into the spotlight and sold at auction for £41,320 the following year.

source: dailymail


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