'It's a miracle I'm still alive': Cher Lloyd reveals she has been 'driven to hell and back' by internet bullies


Fighter: Cher Lloyd admits that internet bullies pushed her to the edge

With over 49.7 million views on YouTube and a number one single under her belt, the last couple of years have been good for Cher Lloyd.
However, behind the success lies a shattered teen who was attacked by internet bullies after rising to stardom as an X Factor finalist.
The 18-year-old recalls how she was target and driven to hell and back by anonymous people on the web but is now ready to help others who suffer at the hands of faceless bullies.

Swagger Jagger: Cher felt angry when someone threatened to kill her mother on the internet

She told the Sun newspaper how she hounded on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and was terrified when someone threatened to to kill her mother.
Cher said to the newspaper: 'It was her birthday and she was destroyed. She was a total wreck.'
The Swagger Jagger singer thinks that her tormentors are sick in the head and need help but she actually feels sorry for them.

Access denied: The X Factor finalist had to close down her Facebook account because of the bullying

When Lloyd first appeared on X Factor she received a lot of support from the public but the tide soon turned against her it wasn't long before Cher was on the receiving end of cyber bullying.
She said to the newspaper: 'They were saying, 'You're not pretty,' 'You're really ugly''. The budding pop-star deleted her Facebook account and began putting on a front to protect herself.
Unfortunately the facade failed and she came across as an arrogant performer which she now deeply regrets.

Pop idols: Cher stands with Cheryl Cole and Rebecca Ferguson during the X Factor in 2010

Having been bullied in the playground as a child because of her gypsy roots, Cher finds the internet jibes much harder to deal with.
She said: 'You can't ring someone up and ask them to remove this person from Twitter because they're verbally abusing me.'
Even though she is able to speak out about her troubled past now, she still feels scared about what the public say about her.
Cher said to the newspaper: 'It's a constant worry for me. I'm frightened all the time. 'I just want to learn to enjoy myself now and not take anything for granted.'

source: dailymail


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