'Who's your favourite?' Hilarious video of father quizzing baby daughter over which parent she prefers becomes YouTube hit


Quiz: The video, dubbed 'Maddie vs Daddy' sees the adorable one-year-old repeatedly asked who her favourite parent is

It's a question some new mothers and fathers may secretly wonder about, but when asked who her favourite parent is this adorable baby showed little hesitation.
The video of Australian Mick Tippett quizzing his young daughter Maddie is one that many fathers can probably relate to.
During the hilarious video Mick repeatedly asks one-year-old Maddie who her favourite parent is, only for her to repeatedly reply, 'Mum'.

Maddie's father Mick tries to catch her out by asking her who her least favourite parent is, but the little girl does not take the bait

When her father first poses the question, Maddie blurts out 'Mum' before her Dad can even give her both the options.
Mick perseveres by asking his little girl to say the word 'Dad', but she will only murmur the first part of the word.

At one point the cute one-year-old answers 'Mum' before her Dad can even give her both options

When he tries to catch Maddie off guard by immediately following with, 'Who's your favourite?', she still replies 'Mum', causing an exasperated sigh from her father.
The video of baby Maddie has gone viral since it was posted to YouTube one week ago, having been viewed nearly 2.5 million times.

The cute youngster eventually manages to murmur 'Dad', but can only do so while chuckling to herself

source: dailymail


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