Why the UK's most modest woman insists on covering up... and says British schoolgirls dress 'like prostitutes'


Too risqué: Lillian La Matia says she despairs of the amount of flesh revealed by British women. 'Some of the girls look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It wasn't that long ago that's what a prostitute wore,' she says

Could this be the most modest woman in Britain? Lillian La Mantia is so cautious about flashing the flesh she even wears a full-body bathing suit to the beach.
As well as covering her hair, Lillian likes her outfits to reach from ankle and wrist right up to her collarbone. And she's on a one-woman mission to get the other women in Britain to stay - at least a bit more - covered up.
The 34-year-old, from near Farnham, Surrey, who only wears flat shoes and never uses make up, says women in the UK could learn from her example.

Covered up: Adventist Lillian, who is forced to shop on Mormon websites for her clothes, models the conservative clothes she favours, left, and right, the full-body swimsuit she wears to the beach

But she is at her wits end trying to find clothing that doesn't bare some part of her body. And she is frequently stunned by how little some women wear on the streets.
Lillian said: 'It saddens me how women feel like they have to show off their breasts and, in some cases, bottoms, to feel like they look good.
'You see women wearing very short skirts, sandals and tops that only just cover their breasts and earrings and nothing else.
'Sometimes you see girls who are maybe 12 and they are wearing make up and high heels and clothing that is just not appropriate for a child.

Demure: Lillian says she struggled to find a wedding dress with sleeves when she married husband, Italian chef Gabriele, in 2007. 'I was offered one with inch-wide straps when I asked for sleeves,' she says

'It should shock you when you see a child dressed as a prostitute.
'Some of the girls going to school look like they are Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It wasn't that long ago that's what a prostitute wore.'

source: dailymail


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