What recession? Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews steps out with friend who thinks it's funny to throw money around


Loadsamoney! Made In Chelsea star Jaime Laing is spotted leaving a London club with a friend who opened his wallet to show off his wealth

January is the month where everyone tightens their belts more than usual as they deal with the financial fall-out of Christmas and the New Year.
But the recession clearly hasn't affected the residents of Chelsea who are, quite literally, throwing their money around.
Proving to be a little insensitive to the financial plight of others, a friend of Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews thought it would be really funny to show off how rich he is.

The unnamed man was snapped with Spencer and fellow cast mate Jamie Laing leaving the Raffles Club in London after a night out.
Looking a little worse for wear, he decided to stop in the middle of the street and open his bulging wallet, spilling the contents out onto the pavement.
He then sunk to his knees and scooped the money, which looked like at least a couple of hundred pounds, into his hands.

Oblivious: Spencer Matthews, rocking the sheepskin look with rolled up sleeves, left the club shortly after his friends

He then rubbed his face in the notes and seemed to find the whole thing amusing, as did Laing, who laughed at his antics.
He looked rather worse for wear with his hair all scruffy and stains on his beige corduroys trousers.
But the incident could have been seen as being highly insensitive at a time when many are struggling financially and don't have the luxury of spending a few, let alone hundreds of pounds on a night out - and then to throw it away in disdain.

Look at my wad! The man sunk to his knees as he grabbed the pile of cash...

... before he kisses the money as he bends down towards the pavement

Something funny? In these fraught financial times, the man's actions could have been regarded as being highly insensitive

Another pal who had joined them decided to stick two fingers up to the recession and withdraw a load of cash and then crumple it up throw it in the air.
Laughing his head off, and looking like he was somewhat under the influence of a few drinks, he sunk to his knees and kissed the money which was spread out on the pavement.
His behaviour will do nothing to help the reality TV gang convince everyone that they are normal people just like everyone else.

Calling it a night: Spencer, Jamie and a female friend head home leaving their cash flushed friend behind

source: dailymail


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