Separated at birth: The young couple who got together as strangers... then found a photo of themselves both as babies


Together at last: Laura Pardoe and Tom Halloran, seen here last month, thought they had met at college, but they were first introduced at Tom's first birthday party, 18 years beforehand

When Tom Halloran and Laura Pardoe first met, they thought they were complete strangers to one another.
But when Mr Halloran introduced Miss Pardoe to his mother, she thought there was something vaguely familiar about her son's new girlfriend.
Indeed, his mother attributed Laura's surname to that of a fellow mother she had met at a maternity class, more than twenty years ago.

Happy birthday! Laura Pardoe and her mother, Sue (right), with Tom Halloran and his mother, Eva (left)

Tom's mother made the remarkable discovery after looking at a photograph taken at Tom’s first birthday party - with baby Laura amongst the attendees.
Their two mothers hadn’t seen each other since the photograph was taken as they had gone their separate ways.

The couple who met whilst they were both studying at college, started dating on New Year’s Day in 2010 - completely unaware of one another's existence.
Miss Pardoe, 20, who is studying psychology at Leeds University, said: ‘We just couldn’t believe it when Tom’s mum found that photograph of us both at Tom’s first birthday party.
‘When we met at college we’d had no idea that we’d ever met him before - let alone that I’d actually been at his first birthday.
‘To see myself on the photograph was uncanny. It feels like we have known each other forever - and we actually have.’

source: dailymail


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