'I've never cooked a meal': Mother of four Madonna on why she doesn't slave over a hot stove


Material Girl: Madonna has not once in her 53 years slaved over a hot stove

Madonna has taken celebrity pampering to a new level - after admitting that she has never cooked a meal in her life.
The Material Girl said that not once in her 53 years has she slaved over a hot stove even though her daughter Lourdes, 15, regularly does so.
She also admitted that her son David Banda, six, helps out with the cooking as do all her staff - but she won’t get involved in the kitchen.
In an outburst Madonna said: ‘But I do everything else! Do I have to do everything?’
Her disclosure is likely to raise eyebrows amongst millions of mothers for whom cooking is a daily ritual, and an inescapable chore.

What's cooking? Madonna has revealed she doesn't spend any time in the kitchen in an interview with Nightline last night

But Madonna has never done things conventionally - her diet has long been the subject of speculation with claims that she has stopped eating all processed food, dairy and just about all kinds of spices
The mother-of-three also does not drink alcohol or caffeine and supposedly consumes up to three litres of water a day.
Sugar has reportedly been banned from her home entirely meaning nobody in her family gets to enjoy cakes, pastries or sweets.
In an interview with U.S. TV network ABC, Madonna was asked: ‘What was the last meal you cooked entirely by yourself’ and replied: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal entirely by myself.’

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She added: ‘Everybody makes the food. I have a cook, my daughter likes to cook, my son likes to cook.
‘My nannies cook, my housekeeper cooks, the drivers cook, everybody cooks.
Asked if she can cook anything at all, Madonna said: ‘No! But I do everything else! Do I have to do everything?’
In the same interview she also attacked Lady Gaga and branded her music ‘reductive’ and obviously influenced by her own career.
She claimed that Gaga’s biggest hit ‘Born this way’ was inspired by her own 1989 smash ‘Express Yourself’.

Reliant: She admitted that she does not want to live alone and likes to have a constant companion in her life

Inappropriate dressing: She told reported Cynthia McFadden that on occasion her eldest daughter Lourdes has told her that her wardrobe choices were 'inappropriate' and that she actually agreed with her sometimes

Keeping cosy: Madonna arrived a LAX today keeping toasty in a pair of tracksuit pants and a knitted beanie

'My daughter says "that is inappropriate, you are not dressing like that" and sometimes she is right,' she explained.
She told of a recent incident when she emerged from her dressing room in a bustier to attend an event to promote her new directorial W.E, and was told by the 15-year-old to change.
'She came into my dressing and she said "Mom what are you doing? That is not director, that is inappropriate."

Beauty in black: Madonna wore a classic black velvet strapless gown and lace cape for the premiere of her film W.E in London earlier this week

She was speaking to chat show host before the premiere of her new film, W.E. in London. Madonna, who directed the movie about the love affair between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, chose a classic black velvet strapless gown and lace cape for the red carpet appearance at the Odeon cinema in Kensington, West London.
The singer divorced Ritchie, 43, after eight years of marriage in 2008. He is dating model Jacqui Ainsley and the couple had a baby son in September.

source: dailymail


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