Moment Polish military prosecutor SHOT himself after news conference on probe into mystery air crash that killed country's president


Polish prosecutor Mikolaj Przybyl at the start of the news conference in Poznan, western Poland

A Polish prosecutor shot himself today in dramatic footage caught on film in his office after cutting short a news conference.
Moments earlier, he had defended a military investigation into leaks related to a plane crash that killed Poland's president two years ago.
At the start of the conference at his office in Poznan, Colonel Mikolaj Przybyl said: 'During my entire service as a civilian and later military prosecutor, I have never brought shame to the Republic of Poland and I will protect the honour of an officer of the Polish armed forces and prosecution.
'Thank you, please give me a five-minute break, I need to rest,' Przybyl said, as the reporters then leave the room.

He defended a military investigation into leaks related to a plane crash that killed Poland's president two years ago

With the camera still rolling, he walks across the floor and, just out of shot, a pistol can be heard being reloaded and then a gunshot sounded.
As he slumps to the ground, only his feet are in the frame.
He was immediately taken to hospital after reporters found him lying in a pool of blood.

He then asked the reporters to leave as he 'needs a rest'

Hospital director Leslaw Lenartowicz said Przybyl is in stable condition, conscious, and his life is not in danger. He added that Przybyl had suffered injuries to his face.
Przybyl is a deputy head of the prosecutor's office and the head of a local department investigating organised crime in the army.

With the camera still rolling, he crosses to the other side of his office after the journalists have left

He had asked the reporters to leave his office after he criticised media leaks from the continuing probe into the plane crash in Russia on April 10, 2010, that killed then-president Lech Kaczynski and 95 others, mostly senior Polish officials.
During his brief news conference, Przybyl said the military prosecutor's office had the right to seek phone records of journalists covering the investigation of the crash.
He read a statement to reporters in which he objected to plans by Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet to put military prosecutors under civilian authority.
Seremet said that such a decision has not been made yet.
Przybyl also said that military prosecutors were proving themselves competent in the many probes that they have opened into organised crime cases inside the army.

After shooting himself, his body slumped to the floor, with just his shoe visible in the frame (arrowed)

Przybyl was taken to hospital, where he is in a stable condition with injuries to his face

The death toll from the plane crash included the country's president and wife, its central bank head and the country's military chief along with other senior government and military figures

Dead: Polish President Lech Kaczynski and wife Maria were among those who perished in the crash

The wreckage of the Polish president's plane lies in woodland near Smolensk airport in Russia

source: dailymail


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