Look at my Nappy Snaps, Mummy: She's only just turned one, but baby Tyler has won over scores of the world's biggest stars


Screaming, crying and waiting for hours to have her photo taken with celebrities, Tyler Sercombe is a typical starstruck fan.

Except for one thing — she is just a year old. Her mother, Donna, has taken her to about 60 film premieres, and Tyler has already met 130 A-listers. Judging by these pictures, they were smitten by the adorable infant.
Tyler proved equally enamoured, most of the time. Donna, 31, of South-West London, said: ‘John Terry is the only star where Tyler started crying when he held her.’

In the pink: I gave George Clooney a few tips on looking cool in front of the camera

Iron Lady: Meryl Streep melted to my charm

Billion dollar baby: Alice Cooper was a sweetie

Hurley burley: Sorry Liz, it's time for my nap

Pirated: Johnny Depp called me his little treasure

Regally blonde: Reese Witherspoon was gracious

Grin and bear it: Elton's left holding the baby

Stare quality: Eyeballing Gillian Anderson

Mamma mia: Colin Firth was a super trouper

What's up, duck: Quack a smile, Robin Williams

Woss so funny? At least Jonathan seemed happy

Hanks for the lift: Tom was a big kid at heart

Boy meets girl: Joining George's coochy club

Get Tyler: Michael Caine proved able

Prada know you: It's Anne Hathaway

Follow my lead: 'N Sync with Justin Timberlake

Cruise control: Tom tried to get me to smile, but it was Mission Impossible

Cradle will rock: I was in Jack Black's frat pack

I spy: You can see Daniel and I Bonded

Baby blues: With Chelsea captain John Terry

source: dailymail


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