Is that you, Pixie? Singer changes a Lott as she channels Madonna and Kylie with new images in video for latest single


Pixie or Madonna? The singer channels the Material Girl's iconic high ponytail from her Blonde Ambition tour in the 1990s in the clip for her new music video Kiss The Stars

We're used to seeing her with her blonde wavy hair down and wearing her staple hot pants, but Pixie Lott almost looks unrecognisable in her latest music video.
The singer, who will turn 21 on Thursday, channels pop superstars Madonna, Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue in the promo for track Kiss The Stars.
And it appears she wants her own star to shine brighter as she alters her image in a bid to crack America.

Kiss The Stars or be the stars? Pixie vamps up her sex appeal in slick sci-fi themed music video

The Mama Do hitmaker normally goes for the boho look, teaming her wavy blonde locks with a variety of ensembles. She's often seen in hotpants and wearing pretty hairbands but her latest video is a big departure from the way we're used to seeing her. Donning a number of different outfits, Pixie particularly channels Madonna in one section of the song where she's seen sporting a high ponytail.
The Material Girl styled her own locks that way during her Blonde Ambition tour in the 1990s.

Look familiar? Pixie tries out Madonna's style for part of her new video

Changing style: The soon-to-be 21-year-old puts on yet another outfit change for the promo, looking more like Kylie or Gaga

And Pixie could almost pass as the pop superstar, wearing a black top and scraping her hair tight on top of her head with lashings of dark eye make-up.
In another image, the singer dances around in just a tight leotard and leggings, while her hair is poker straight.
The star has opted for a sci-fi look to the music video, with a variety of colourful backgrounds, with one showing robots in the distance.

How many different looks? The singer must have spent hours with the stylist for the new video

She also dons a long blonde wig with a blunt fringe for another dress change, showing her in a flowing white dress that blows around her as she sings.
A cross between Lady Gaga and Kylie, the singer seems to be trying for a more grown-up quirky style in the clip, which premiered on her own YouTube page on Tuesday.
And it could be because she wants to break into the market in the States.
Only last week the star unveiled a new sexier look by posing in a red mini-dress for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Heart her new look? Pixie goes for poker straight hair for a change

Gaga-esque: She dresses in a leotard just like the Poker Face hitmaker would wear

Speaking to the publication, she also claimed she doesn't have to try too hard to vamp up the sex appeal to sell her records.
She said: 'I’ve never felt any pressure to change the way I look, or to dress more sexily to sell records. In fact, as you can see, I have the opposite problem!
'Sexiness definitely comes from the inside, though – if you feel comfortable, you feel sexier and more confident. But if you’re wearing something you’re not sure about, you end up feeling self-conscious, and I think that shows.

How we're used to seeing her: The singer normally goes for the cute boho look

'I’ve definitely grown up a lot although I think my identity is still the same. I always had quite a strong sense of what I liked and didn’t like and I don’t think that has changed.'
Kiss The Stars - out January 29 - marks the third single from Lott's latest album Young, Foolish, Happy.

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