How I lost 500 pounds: Morbidly obese mother reveals her stunning transformation


From that, to this: Melissa's old self is unrecognisable to the woman she is today. Happy and slender, she says she lives for her two-year-old daughter - but was prompted to lose weight by her mum's cancer

Her story is one of epic proportions - and a life-saving determination to change her body forever.
Melissa Morris, mother-of-one, has reason to be proud: She has gone from being one of the world's heaviest people, weighing a shocking 673 pounds, to a healthy weight of around just 170 pounds.
Dropping an astonishing 500 pounds, the Texan has undergone a transformation that is hard to comprehend, affording her new-found freedom and independence that she may never have lived to have seen.

The woman formerly known as: Melissa Morris shows up her old skirt - made of a vast 12 feet of fabric - and tells GMA just how much her life has changed

Melissa's tale is now the subject of new TLC show, My 600-lb Life, in which she joins three other morbidly obese individuals on the journey of drastic weight loss.
Speaking with ABC News' Good Morning America, the now-slender Melissa, who says she 'literally lives for' her two-year-old daughter, recalls the moment that prompted her to end the extreme lifestyle to which she had become so addicted.

673 pounds and counting: Melissa features in the new TLC series, My 600 pound life. The show sees her aiming to lose a third of her bodyweight - but she achieves far more

Recovering from a cancer operation, her mother, still in bandages, asked her: 'Can I get up and make you something to eat?'
It was all she needed to hear, she explains: 'My mom could die and she's worried about whether she can get up and get me something to eat'. She says that she knew that she had had enough and went in search of a doctor who would take on the challenge of performing gastric bypass surgery on her huge body.

Wedding bells: Melissa was already overweight when she married Chris Morris but her weight ballooned in her married years

TLC shows the process of Melissa's surgery and the shift from focusing on food and little else to finally being able to start a family.
Looking happy and healthy - if a little shell-shocked by the experience - Melissa showed the GMA audience the skirt she wore to the hospital on the day she had surgery. Arms outstretched, the garment is made of a vast, 12-foot-length of fabric.

Special reward: Melissa says her daughter, two, is 'literally' what she 'lives for'

Uncomfortable truth: Melissa says that she could cope with being 337 pounds but when she hit 645 pounds, she knew she had to make a change

Not so happy couple? Melissa and three other individuals aim to lose an astonishing ONE TON between them on the four-part series which has been filmed over seven years

'No-one can understand it's like to go from where I was to where I am today.'
Embodying that dependence - and independence - the story is about a lot more than weight loss: Facing the horrendous truth and taking the hard journey from forced medical intervention to developing a sense of pride.

Bypass for your life: All four of the show's subjects have life changing gastric bypass surgery in 2004 - the four-part series charts their struggle to lead normal lives

Checked baggage: One woman describes her husband's fear of her new-found independence. 'He's afraid I'm gonna leave him,' she sobs on a preview clip

'He's afraid I'm gonna leave him,' she sobs.
The clip shows a horrendous post-surgery wound - and many a tear as the changelings come to terms with what they had done to themselves.
Melissa said: 'I could tell you this whole journey was easy, but that would be a lie. But it wouldn't be a lie to tell you it was worth it.

source: dailymail


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