'I had a complete meltdown': Angelina Jolie tells of breaking down while making her directorial debut


Meltdown: Angelina Jolie says she had an 'emotional breakdown' while directing her first movie

Angelina Jolie may have just added another string to her bow, but the actress turned director was not always confident in her ability to make the transition.
She told fans on a live video web chat that she had a 'complete meltdown' while making her directorial debut, wartime film In the Land of Blood and Honey.
Jolie had to be comforted by partner Brad Pitt after collapsing in the shower in tears.

Doting: The actress said her partner Brad Pitt found her in the shower in tears

The 36-year-old star said: 'I had a complete emotional breakdown in the shower and Brad found me crying.
'I felt this huge responsibility and I felt very small and, who am I to take this on?'
She added: 'I had a complete meltdown.'

Colleagues: Angelina and actress Vanessa Glodjo took part in a live web chat

The actress took on the daunting project of writing and directing the love story, which is set in the Bosnian war.
And while she is determined to tell the tale in order to raise awareness, she is unsure as to whether she will return to her behind the scenes role.
She said: 'I didn't plan to become a director, and I still have trouble saying I'm a director.

A star is born: Vanesssa Glodjo plays the lead in Angelina's new movie

Success: In the Land of Blood and Honey has been nominated for a Golden Globe

'I just wanted to tell this story and I ended up by default being the director.
'It was a pleasure but I wonder if it would be a pleasure with another cast and crew, and a subject matter that wasn't so special.'
The Salt star was captivated by hearing heart-wrenching stories of people's experiences living through the Bosnian war, but says at the time it happened, when she was aged 17, she was unaware of its seriousness.

Captivating: The film is a love story set in the Bosnian war

Mum of six: Angelina wants to teach her children 'compassion and respect'
She said: 'I knew very little, like most Americans.

'I was 17 so I wasn't very focussed. I was my own form of self-destructive, and it was a bad time.'
She later came back to the subject and added: 'I was a punk... you don't imagine you could ever be a role model.'
Jolie has clearly proven her directorial ability as the movie, which is released in Europe in February, has been nominated for an award at the Golden Globes.

Supportive: Brad accompanied Angelina to a special screening of her movie in Washington

The subject matter, which is close to her heart, has helped her to realise the importance of teaching her children certain values.
When asked by a fan what lessons she wished to pass onto her children, the actress said 'compassion and respect'.
She said: 'I want my children to be aware of the world around them and have respect for all people around the world.'
She added: 'From the nature of the make-up of my family, they learn a lot abot each other. They dont see this divide which is dangerous.'

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