Flabby Tabby turns yummy mummy after losing 11-stone in SIX MONTHS (without a gastric band!)


Tabby Shaw, 40, tipped the scales at 20st but after six months of dieting the mother-of two weighs 9st

A mother-of-two has told how her husband's illness motivated her to lose 11-stone in six months. Tabby Shaw, 40, tipped the scales at 20 stone but when her partner John was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she decided to tackle her life-long weight problem. In a bid to avoid developing the same condition as her husband, which is often linked to obesity, Tabby met with a dieting consultant and started following a strict meal plan. Now six months on, without the help of a gastric band or weight loss surgery, Tabby has discovered a new lease of life.

Tabby used to gorge in secret, snacking on cakes and biscuits, and indulged in giant portions three times a day

Weighing just nine stone and now a slim size 12, the office worker from Redditch, Worcestershire, is barely recognisable.
Delighted with her svelte figure she said: 'I was always a big girl. I was larger than my school friends and then an even larger adult.
'But now I’ll walk past a mirror and I’ll have to stop and check it’s really me.

By the age of ten Tabby was ten stone and after having two children she was 20st 9lb (left) but today she is a lot happier and is determined to stick to a healthier lifestyle

'When you’ve always been as big as I have being slim takes some getting used to.
'I’ve also found that men find me much more attractive which is a revelation. I’ve never felt so good or had so much energy.'
Tabby had always battled with her body image. Aged ten she weighed ten stone and after having two children she was 20st 9lb.
She gorged in secret, snacking on cakes and biscuits, while indulging in giant portions three times a day.

Tabby lost weight on the Cambridge Diet Plan, on which she ate two liquid meals a day and one small evening meal. It is considered by some medical experts as an extreme weight loss solution, as it can cause the body to burn muscle mass as well as fat.
Tabby added: 'I never thought I’d be able to lose this much weight naturally, but I managed it. My message is that you don’t need to resort to drastic measures to lose weight, if I can do it anyone can.'
Diabetes is a long-term condition caused by too much glucose in the blood and affects an estimated 2.8 million people in the UK.

source: dailymail


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