Fallen off the wagon already? Imogen Thomas tucks into a plateful of sweet treats after Atkins Diet resolution


Fallen off the wagon: Imogen Thomas was pictured enjoying a plateful of sweet treats at her local Starbucks today

Just like most of us, Imogen Thomas has already given up on her New Year's resolution. The reality star was pictured tucking into not one, but three sweet treats today, just over a week after announcing that she was embarking on the low-carbohydrate Atkins Diet. Imogen, 29, posted a picture of her stomach last week, complaining: 'I'm hating how much weight I've gained over xmas! On the atkins diet as of today.'

Munchies: The reality star chowed down on a pastry swirl, muffin and chocolate during her al fresco snack stop

But her resolve appears forgotten, as she chowed down on some calorie-laden snacks at her local Starbucks. Imogen didn't mind the photographers capturing her moment of weakness, sitting at a prominent table outside the café with a friend as she enjoyed her plateful of treats. She munched on a large muffin, chocolate lolly and an iced pastry swirl.
Miss Thomas bemoaned her lack of self control on Twitter, writing: 'I really feel like cake #dontknowwhen2stop grrrrrrrr!!!'
She followed her snack up with cocktail hour, tweeting 'naughty day.'
Imogen was dressed up for her casual coffee outing in black jeans, towering platform heels and a vest.

What would Dr Atkins say? Imogen has said that she is on the Atkins Diet, which is low-carb based

Sweet tooth: The 29-year-old washed her meal down with coffee before ensuring she was camera-ready

Just after New Year's Imogen took to Twitter to illustrate the extra pounds she believes she gained over the festive period.
Dressed in just a sports bra and skimpy underwear, she complained to her 250,000 followers that she hated the extra weight and was kickstarting 2012 by going on the Atkins Diet.
The first phase of the controversial Atkins Diet bans starchy carbohydrates such as bread, pastries and pasta and alcohol - so, she's not doing too well on the programme so far.

Deluded? Imogen posted a picture on Twitter last week bemoaning the weight she believes she gained over Christmas

Several hours earlier she revealed she was embarking on an exercise mission to get her 'bod back'.
Thomas wrote: 'about to do my fitness DVD....I will get my bod back yesssssss! watch this space......'
Before 2012 had even kicked in, Imogen was bemoaning her 'fat' body and on December 30 she wrote: 'Soooooo FAAAAAAAAT! #dietdietdiet.'

Snack time: Imogen told Twitter followers that she's found a new dairy-free Chocolate that she is addicted to

The glamour model also said: 'Over xmas I've put on so much weight. I'm gonna lose it all in January. I'm gonna workout and do bikram so much. I cant wait to feel good again.'
Last year, Imogen flaunted her body online as she updated followers about her quest for abs by practising bikram yoga.
She frequently gave the paparazzi an eyeful as she headed to the park in midriff-baring tops for her exercise routines.

Seriously? Imogen claims to 'hate' how much she has gained and thinks the Atkins diet is in order

source: dailymail


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