Demon behind the sofa: Scary face goes viral as Twitter and Facebook users spread the fear

Can you see it? The scary face is well hidden, but once you see it a shiver will pass down your spine

It could just be a trick of the light. But the terrifying face in this picture could be something more sinister.
At first glance, there is nothing untoward and the image has divided the internet between the people who can see it, and those who cannot.
Once it is pointed out, however, it is difficult to take your eyes away from the face that suddenly becomes clear.

The origins of the picture are unclear, but it's possible that it was actually created by someone hiding behind the cushion while being photographed.
Or it could be something that somebody has been created using Photoshop.
However it was made, it is hard to look away or get the image out of your head.

Here is another 'scary face' picture that recently did the rounds of the social networks

If you're still struggling to spot it look to the left of the picture, underneath the cushion on the plain brown sofa.
Twitter user Ryan Evans wrote: 'It genuinely made me Jump when I saw it, be warned!'
Another, @casioroee, wrote 'Embarassingly, it really make me jump.'
One person who saw the image on website imgur said: 'I was leaning WAY too close to the screen when I saw that ... thanks for the heart attack imgur.'

source: dailymail


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