Cleanup on aisle three: Latest internet fad sees participants hurl themselves to the ground in front of bemused shoppers


Bog standard: This teenager crashes into a stack of toilet paper as he takes part in the latest internet craze 'Falling'

It looks like standard fare for a video bloopers TV show.
But this footage of shoppers laden with produce taking a tumble in the supermarket aisle is in fact the latest online fad.
Falling, as it is imaginatively called, involves participants dreaming up the most amusing and embarrassing ways to trip themselves up in front of other shoppers.

Taking a dive: Laden with drinks, this youth falls flat on his face in front of bemused cafe clientele

The stunt is filmed by a co-faller as those taking part hurl themselves to the ground, throwing shopping goods into the air and rolling around in mock pain in front of bemused onlookers.
Groups of people have been indulging in the latest craze by tripping up in supermarkets, libraries and even in the middle of the street - wherever there is an audience.
It is the latest in a line of internet fads featured on video site YouTube.

Oops: This teenager chooses to carry out his stunt behind two female shoppers, who react in surprise as he hits the deck

Cereal offender: This participant was wearing one roller skate as he pulls off another 'Falling' stunt

Unsuspecting: The point of the craze is to fall to the ground in the most embarrassing way as bemused onlookers stand watching

Others include cone-ing - where people would order an ice-cream cone at a drive-through fast food outlet, then when they were handed the cone that would grab it by the 'wrong' end to the bemusement of the restaurant staff.
But the most popular has been planking, which saw participants lying flat face-down across unusual objects - including balconies, rock outcrops and billboards.

source: dailymail


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