'It's a brown paper bag job!': Saucy Marks & Spencer calendar sold under-the-counter after staff are told it's too racy to go on show


Blooming gorgeous! Two blonde members of staff preserve their modesty with bunches of flowers

A saucy calendar featuring scantily-clad Marks & Spencer employees has been sold 'under the counter' - after staff claim they were told not to sell it in store.
The charity publication shows staff from the store in Barnstaple, Devon, modelling less than the recommended uniform.
In January two buxom babes are pictured hiding behind newspapers while March sees cafeteria staff covering their assets with freshly baked cakes.

January girls pose in the magazines and newspapers section - thank goodness the Financial Times is a broadsheet

Marks and Spencer claims the calendar was never intended for commercial sale in store, insisting it was only produced for family and friends of the models.
But the calendar has been sold discreetly 'for cash' by members of staff if directly asked. Some customers contacted their local paper, the North Devon Journal, to say they felt 'seedy' asking for the publication.
When a reporter visited the store and requested a copy a member of staff made a quick phone call to an upstairs office.

The calendar was brought down and handed over in exchange for a £5 note stuffed in a charity collection tin. A staff member told the reporter: 'We weren’t really allowed to put it on display in the shop. It was a bit of a brown paper bag job to be honest.' The calendar is raising money for North Devon District Hospital’s Chemotherapy appeal.
Marks & Spencer bosses gave their full support to the charity project but say it was never intended to go on general sale.

source: dailymail


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