You lucky dog! Puppy plunges four floors from roof garden... and SURVIVES


Miracle mutt: Kai, a two-year-old puppy, leapt over the edge of roof at the apartment block in Manhattan's Upper West Side... and survived

A dog had a miraculous escape after leaping off a roof and falling 50 feet on to a ledge at an apartment block.

Kai, a two-year-old Shiba Inu, bounded over the side of the roof garden after his owner Tracy Aron took him up for his morning exercise.

The pup had been jumping over the connected rooftops when he took a wrong turn and fell four floors on to a ledge below at the townhouse on the Upper West Side of New York.

The protective fencing that usually surrounds the edge of the building had been removed due to renovation work.

Ms Aron, a Broadway theatre producer, told the New York Post: 'He just launched himself from the back of the building thinking there was another roof.

'We watched him fall and then heard a thud and his crying.'

Beloved companion: Tracy Aron, a Broadway theatre producer, holds Kai who was injured after a 50ft fall from her Manhattan apartment block (right)

Ms Aron ran to her neighbour's apartment for help and called 311, the emergency number for animal-related issues. Police helped move the injured dog to BluePearl Vets on the upper West side where she was kept for three nights in intensive care.

Miraculously Kai didn't break any bones after his tumble but had been given medication to reduce swelling.

On the mend: Kai, a Shiba Inu pup, is on medication to reduce swelling after his horrific fall but miraculously did not break any bones

source: dailymail


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