You're definitely on the naughty list now! Bikini-clad Courtney Stodden straddles her Santa in the snow


Tis the Season: To subvert a benevolent childhood hero, if you're Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden, that is - the pair visited the Angeles National Forest in California on Friday to pose for these pictures

It's usually heartening to see people getting into the Christmas spirit, be it the cheery flash of a novelty Snowman earring or the bigger gesture of hours spent at a soup kitchen, extra effort for Yuletide is always warmly regarded.

But trust teen bride Courtney Stodden, 17, and her husband Doug Hutchison, 51, to take things too far as they jump on the festive bandwagon to flaunt their May to December relationship.

The pair were thrown out of a pumpkin patch in the run-up to Halloween for displays of heavy petting that were rendered X-rated thanks to Courtney's skimpy shorts and shirt.

But for Christmas, the blonde has (of course) gone that one step further and stripped down to just a bikini; a metallic red two-piece to celebrate the birth of Christ.

You might argue that this 'sins of the flesh' incongruity shouldn't bother the teenager, but she claims to be a devout Christian and revealed in a recent interview with Zap2it that her favourite book is The Bible.

However, Father Christmas isn't a religious icon and therefore free for the couple to denigrate with their smutty snow escapades, safe in the knowledge that they won't risk upsetting religious groups, just hundreds and thousands of innocent children.

It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid: Oh yes there is, when Courtney and Doug are around

Hutchison, who is best remembered as the nasty prison officer in The Green Mile and creepy Eugene Tooms in The X Files, has brought a similarly macabre presence to the benevolent, child-friendly figure of selfless devotion.

Hidden almost completely by his Father Christmas costume, the man of an age who should know better posed with his semi-naked young bride in a series of troubling images.

About the only one not likely to give you nightmares is the image of Doug's Bad Santa handing presents to Stodden, the other poses ensure that you will jettison the usual cookies and milk this year, and then barricade the chimney.

He's behind you: Boo, hiss etc as Doug becomes more pantomime villain that philanthropic patriarch

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: The effect is less creepy when Doug's beard slips down

The couple play on the image - again, one that for years has been benign, innocent and the font of happy memories - of the young girl sitting on Santa's knee.

Doug also stands behind his wife as she wiggles her bum in his direction, and then there are those straddling shots.

Stodden has for days now been issuing lascivious come ons to Saint Nick on her Twitter, interspersed with excerpts from her favourite book, The Bible.

Finally, some gifts: Doug's Santa hands over some colour coordinated presents

Happiness: Courtney is grateful for her personal Santa, which is good because it's doubtful the real one will be visiting

It's now clear, if it wasn't always, that Doug is her Santa of choice.

She told Zap2it that her husband is her celebrity crush and when asked what her choice of superpower would be, she replied: 'I would find it breathtaking to be able to feel what it's like to fly... Wait. I'm already flying - flying on the wings of love!'

Stodden also revealed that she lives in seven inch stilettos from the moment she gets out of bed, even when she is hiking in Hollywood with her mother and dog.

And she admits that her friends make fun of her for being: 'A little too sexual.'

Waving goodbye: Courtney and Doug's seasonal 'treat' is at an end, heaven knows what they have planned for Easter

source: dailymail


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