The Tudors get vajazzled! TOWIE's Billie Faiers adds her Essex twist to Henry VIII fancy dress party... and wears gold pants


Girl power: Sam and Billie Faiers add their own twist to the Tudors fancy dress theme

We should have known that the lovely ladies of The Only Way Is Essex would raise temperatures for the Christmas special.

When James 'Arg' Argent announced that he planned to have a fancy dress party in the theme of the Tudors, he probably thought that he would be the star of the show.

However, it was the ladies of the court that had the wow factor and left King Arg in the shade.

Vajazzle-less: Billie wanted to get her 'ninny' vajazzled for the birthday party

The Faiers sisters, Sam and Billie, appeared to have chosen some really realistic looking costumes.

Billie, 21, poured her curves into a tight fitting green dress with the help of Sam.

Billie said: 'I already feel I can rest my chin on my boobs and this isn't even done up.'

The philosopher: Sam claimed that men haven't changed and have always liked 'boobs'

Wearing the traditional dress wasn't enough for the blonde haired beauty and she had a surprise in store for the birthday boy.

Billie decided to 'Essex up' the outfit and revealed her gold pants to her sister and Gemma.

She said: 'I've got my boobs on show, I'm also thinking I'm gonna have my ninny on show.'

All natural: Gemma covered her chest up despite the sisters telling her to put her assets on show

Ladies for the court: The three girls looked reem in their period costumes

She continued: 'Seeing as we're in Essex and everything I was thinking maybe I'm not gonna put the petticoat on and just wear my gold knickers and maybe someone give me a vajazzle.'

Sam offered some well thought out philosphy on the style of dress and why men like to see big busts.

The 20-year-old said: 'Things never change. Men obviously still loved boobs then like pushing out of the corsets and they still do now.'

Diamonds and pearls: Sam puts her cream corset on with the help of Billie

James pulled out all the stops for his birthday and even donned a full regal outfit but the king was unable to compare with the Faiers sisters and their Essex meets Tudors outfits.

Sam wore a white pearl dress that also showed off her assets while her friend Gemma opted for a dark peach crushed silk dress.

Despite the sisters telling Gemma to put her assets on show more she declined and kept covered up.

Arg's new best friend, Joey Essex arrived at the party dressed as a knight and he was also charged with announcing when King Arg was entering the room.

Looking good: Billie, Sam, and Gemma styled out their costumes well

Long live the king: Arg makes a speech at the start of his fancy dress party which was held in a castle

The Christmas special, titled The Only Way Is Essexmas, also saw Joey confront Sam.

During a discussion, she bemoans his kiss with Jessica Wright, saying: 'I feel like you and Jess aren’t talking to me, it's making me feel awkward.

'For me, it's the first time I’ve seen you with another girl so naturally I am going to get upset.'

The tin man: Joey Essex dressed as a knight for the evening but had some battles to come with the ladies

Feeling blue: Sam has a confrontation with Joey when she tells him he has hurt her

A sight for sore eyes: Jessica Wright and Joey talk out their differences at the party

Joey defended himself, quipping: 'Obviously I’ve been trying to get over you for the past five or six months now and it just ain’t working, I don’t want you to feel like I can't get over you, I can, but I feel like when I am going to do that you step in and say, "No, can't do that." '

'Three weeks after our relationship you were getting with boys, I saw that and it broke my heart.'

His heart didn't stay broken though as he was soon seen by Sam kissing Jessica.

The winner: Joey and Jessica end the night with a kiss under the mistletoe

Heartbroken: Sam looks on as Joey and Jessica seal their romance with a kiss

source: dailymail


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