Taking Christmas by the baubles! Jamie Oliver whips up festive treats for all the family


Get the family involved: Jamie Oliver will be joined again by daughters Poppy, Daisy (plus a friend), and Petal as well as his baby son Buddy for the second instalment of his Channel 4 Christmas special

He's made it his mission to get the nation cooking, so it's only right that a special holiday receive some special attention.
Jamie Oliver promises 'nostalgic memories' from his Christmas With Bells On programme, designed not only to provide viewers with a few food ideas, but also ways of making the day itself extra special for all the family.
Poppy Honey Rosie, nine, Daisy Boo Pamela, eight, Petal Blossom Rainbow, two, and Buddy Bear Maurice, one, all take part in the family fun, which will air on December 20 at 9pm.

Used to being on camera? Daisy (right) and a friend are probably glad that the day itself will be a family affair

Cooking with mother: Jamie's mum Sally helped him with the preparations

'For me, Christmas is the most fabulous time of the year. Family, friends, a little bit of excess... I love it all. Especially the food,' he declares at the start of the show.
'I’m gonna be giving you roast turkey – the best potatoes – amazing gravy – we’ll do the business of Christmas.'
'But Christmas should be fun for everyone, so don't be a slave to the kitchen.'

Don't eat it before it's cooked! Jamie directs operations as the children help with the cooking

Can't resist a bite! Even Health-conscious Jamie lets his children relax at Christmas

The School Dinners star offers his audience 'the essentials of Christmas dinner, done really well.'
'I'm gonna pimp up your ride. By getting the basics done and dusted, you'll have time to get playful in the kitchen, so you can get down to the trimmings.'
'But on top of that, I’m gonna give you incredible party food that will just knock your socks off, nostalgic memories and I’m determined that we all have the very best Christmas ever. The rest is all about having fun – letting your hair down and having a bloody good party!'

Like father like daughter? Petal is seen sporting a similar hairstyle to her foodie father, seen here in an earlier Christmas special

Back in his mother's arms: Petal looked content nestled against Jools' chest in 2009

Never able to resist a cheeky final touch, he adds; 'I want to take Christmas by the baubles.'
Episode one was broadcast last night, and included archive footage from earlier Jamie Christmas specials.
The shots from the second instalment look even more enticing.
Especially poignant are the stills of the kids throwing themselves into the preparations, with even baby Buddy getting a look in as Jools holds him beside Jamie at work.

Full of festive cheer! Petal looked delighted with the day of Christmas fun

source: dailymail


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