Pull the other one! Chinese actress bares her bra in Beijing when awards show host 'accidentally' stands on her dress


Wardrobe malfunction: Sun Feifei bares a little too much after Fang Ling (right) has stepped on the sash of her dress - but why are her arms spread out rather than trying to cover her cleavage?

Chinese actress Sun Feifei has discovered what the TOWIE girls realised months ago... to receive international recognition, all you need to do is flash a bit of cleavage.

Sadly for the TV star, though, her revelation came as a result of an embarrassing red carpet wardrobe malfunction.

Sun was looking stunning in a floor-length white gown as she posed for photographs on the way into the Esquire Awards in Beijing.

But as she turned to enter the building, the evening's host, Fang Ling 'inadvertently' pulled the actress' dress down by standing on the front sash.

Fortunately, Sun was wearing a skin-coloured strapless gown under her dress, and an aide quickly leapt into action hiding Sun's embarrassment behind a big grey blanket.

Before you feel too sorry for Sun though, it is worth taking a closer look at the photographs.

Local English language website, Shanghaiist.com, questions the authenticity of the malfunction.

Calm before the storm: Sun looks down at her gown as it starts to slip

Disaster strikes: Sun's dress begins to slip down as Fang stands on the front sash

They write: 'The comedic splaying of Sun's arms and her poorly conveyed mock-surprise, along with the exaggerated look of oops on Fang's face, give us the impression that the whole thing was a planned publicity stunt.'

Besides, this is just the latest in a series of Chinese actresses gaining attention for their chests rather than their acting skills.

Last week, Liu Yuxin set the bar pretty high in a very, very push-up bra which exposed just a touch too much.

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