Old habits die hard: Lauren Goodger is pictured stumbling back to ex Mark Wright's flat after club 'reunion'


Old habits die hard: Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright head back to her Essex flat together after leaving Faces nightclub at 3am on Sunday morning

They both swore that after the last split, they would never go back.

But after 10 years, a brief engagement and more break-ups than anybody could ever count, Lauren Goodger, 25, and Mark Wright, 24, should know never to say never.

The on/off couple are reported to have rekindled their relationship after a 'boozy romp' at Essex nightclub Faces.

Pictures have been published today of the reality stars arriving together at Wright's home in nearby Abridge after a night out.

After leaving the club at three o'clock, they were pictured sharing a cab home, before Mark threw his keys down to Lauren to let herself in.

According to the Daily Star, the pair were earlier seen 'all over each other' inside the venue, kissing and dancing as they drank Moët champagne and shots of tequila with their entourage.

Someone looks pleased with himself: Mark looked in good spirits as he and his ex got out of their taxi

'Mark kept grabbing Lauren’s bum and shouting over the music to her that he had never seen her look so beautiful,' a source said.

'None of his family seemed surprised that they were back together.'

Lauren told the paper: 'I’ve been staying over at Mark’s for the last week. I guess the cat’s out of the bag.'

Catch! Despite arriving in the same taxi, Mark left himself in the flat separately from Lauren and threw his keys out of the window to her

Don't fall: Lauren misses catching his keys and scrambles about on the floor for them

A spokesperson for Miss Goodger insisted the pair were not back together, however the reality star's Twitter page suggests otherwise.

Miss Goodger sparked speculation on Sunday evening when she 'retweeted' a fan who posted a picture of the couple during a romantic holiday earlier this year with the caption 'My favourite couple, wish this was forever.'

Earlier this month, Lauren confidently predicted in an interview that she would have Mark 'back in her bed by Christmas.'

Sparking speculation: On Sunday night Lauren retweeted a fan who posted a picture of the couple in happier days

And it appears that she was correct, despite Mark insisting days ago that he was over her.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, the I'm A Celerity runner-up said: 'I talked to Peter Andre and he told me he didn’t think I was over her [Lauren] and to try again.

'But I’m not taking his advice. I am over her… I know that I can live without her.'

'Only a mug would have you back!' Lauren may have to eat the furious words she spat at her ex during a fight on TOWIE

Lauren was left devastated when she saw Mark kissing co-star Sam Faiers in the last season of TOWIE.

The ex-couple got into a screaming match at Chloe Sims' 30th birthday, with Lauren yelling: 'Stop sh**ging about, get over yourself. I forgive you and I wanna forget you. Get on with it, go away.'

'Only a mug would have you back.'

On/off: Mark and Lauren, who have dated on and off for a decade, had a short-lived engagement earlier this year

source: dailymail


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