Mother's anger as girl, three, is sent home from nursery looking like this after being beaten black and blue by a two-year-old nicknamed Chucky


Injuries at the hands of a two-year-old: Katie's mother said her daughter looked like she had been mauled by a dog

The mother of a little girl who was beaten black and blue by an 'out-of-control' two-year-old at nursery has called for the child's expulsion.

Katie Ann Guttridge, aged three, sustained a bruised eye socket, scratches and three bite marks when she was attacked by her classmate during playtime at Ratby Pre-School Nursery in Leicester.

The little girl's mother, Clara Mackow, said her daughter was almost blinded in the attack and that her injuries were so bad that she was taken to hospital with a suspected broken eye socket.

'Almost blinded': Katie Ann Guttridge had to be taken to hospital after the attack because doctors thought she had broken her eye socket

Police were called in to investigate the assault but were powerless to act because the girl who attacked Katie is below the legal age of criminal responsibility - which in this country is 10 years old.

When confronted by journalists, the mother of the violent girl refused to discuss her child's behaviour, saying only: 'My daughter is two years old. I want nothing more to do with this.'

Now, parents are demanding the child - who has been dubbed 'Chucky' after the violent child-like doll in the horror film Child's Play - be removed from the nursery after she attacked 10 other children.

Recovering... but Katie's mother Clara wants the nursery to remove the violent child

Ms Mackow, 28, a trainee goldsmith, said she couldn't believe it when she saw her daughter after the attack on December 13, adding: 'I just cried.

'She had gashes to her lips and a terrible black eye. Katie looked like she had been in a fight with a dog that had mauled her.

'We had to take her to hospital because the doctors thought she had fractured her eye socket.

Under fire: Parents have criticised the Ratby Pre-school Nursery (pictured) for not removing the child

Record: Official nursery incident reports showed Katie has been attacked on four separate occasions

Other parents of the 25 children at the nursery are also calling for the girl to be booted out.

One mother, whose son was also beaten up by the girl, said: 'The little girl is a nightmare.

'If there's a child who has been hurt the other mums and dads always say "has Chucky been at it again?".

'It's no laughing matter for the kids though, they are terrified of this little girl who has a really vicious streak.

source: dailymail


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