It's not exactly a Harley Davidson! Amy Childs burns rubber.... as she uses a mobility scooter to go shopping


Start your engines: Amy Childs drives a scooter around a drugstore yesterday in Los Angeles

Being a reality TV star must be really tiring work.

Amy Childs took the weight off her feet yesterday in an unconventional way.

The former star of The Only Way Is Essex used a mobility scooter to navigate her way around a store yesterday. The 21-year-old, who is in Los Angeles filming scenes for her Channel 5 show, even attempted to dress in an aged way.

Feeling old? Amy chose to do some shopping on the bizarre scooter and wrapped up in a shawl

Head and shoulders: Amy plays with a mannequin in a Beverly Hills wig store

Amy may have been using the scooter after having spent the day walking round L.A in a pair of high heels.

The redhead paid a visit to a Beverly Hills wig store and found some of the mannequin head hilarious.

Dressed in brown shorts and a dark brown polo-neck jumper Amy picked up one of the heads and couldn't help laughing at it.

Matching it up: After putting the dummy down Amy picked up a hair piece similar to her own locks

Time to top up: Amy visits a tanning salon to maintain her tanned appearance

The Essex girl was then seen holding a hair piece that looked to be the exact same shade that she sports.

Despite having all that Californian sunshine to bask in the reality star still needed to top up her tan.

Amy was spotted waiting in a West Hollywood tanning salon where she wanted to make sure her skin stayed sun-kissed.

The waiting game: The reality star stands in reception before she is called in for her tanning session

Check it out: A newly tanned Amy pays for her treatment at the salon before heading out again

The former beautician, who was wearing a pair of brown suede high heels, paid for her tanning session and exposed the soles of her shoes.

The shopaholic had forgotten to take off some of the labels from her new footwear.

A sticker could be seen on both shoes that read 'soyoushoes'.

Don't rain on my parade: Amy gets caught in a downpour after leaving the salon

After spending some of her hard earned cash on her appearance Amy then got caught in a sudden downpour.

As the heavens opened the young Brit ran from the salon to her car trying not to get too wet.

The rain didn't put a damper on her day though as Amy tweeted: 'Missing Essex but love LA how is everyone ?'

She emerged later in the day dressed in black leggings and a black hoody to film rehearsals for her new fitness DVD.

Wearing a pair of pink trainers she posted a message that said: 'Loving LA had some great meetings yesterday! Also about my fitness DVD cant wait to start X.'

source: dailymail


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