Ho, Ho No! The children who wished there was an escape Claus in Santa's grotto


Mum, I'm not sure I'm enjoying this... Olivia Ruch at Santa's Grotto in Selfridges, London

A trip to see Santa Claus should be one of the highlights of a child's Christmas fun.

But faced with a huge, unfamiliar figure - sometimes with suspiciously plastic facial hair - perhaps it's not surprising that these tiny tots took fright... and even tried to escape.

These charming photos show just what happens when a visit to Santa's grotto goes wrong.

Just give me a pressie and let me go: Tommy Goldby at Festival Place, Basingstoke

I wanted to meet Rudolph! Esmai Strawford at House of Fraser in Birmingham

Jingle bawl: A young girl wriggles to escape the Santa Claus at a grotto in a hotel in Tokyo

Bad santa: With a creepy mask and black leather gloves is it any surprise this young girl is petrified of Father Christmas in Bethlehem?

Are you sure you can deliver by the 25th? Samuel Jack Evans-Hill in Basingstoke

If this is Lapland, you can keep it! Georgie Grant is unimpressed at Selfridges in London

Tuning out: A child hides against her father after being startled by a plastic Santa playing a saxophone in the Chaotianmen Market in China

The nightmare before Christmas: What do you mean I'm on the naughty list?

Grotto? I just feel grotty: Holly Sky Haywood in Basingstoke

Call elf 'n' safety! Logan Turner at The Galleries in Bristol

Red alert: A girl cries in terror as she poses with her mother next to Santa Claus in China (left) while removing this young man's dummy was a big mistake in Brandenburg, Germany

But why can't I have a reindeer? Siobhan Lovelock and Ethan at Chill Factore, Manchester

source: dailymail


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