Haven't we seen that before? Vintage style for Lady Gaga as she goes all retro and revisits the bow in her hair


Retro: Lady Gaga lands in Japan sporting a bow of hair in her hair - a look she first wore two years ago

Lady Gaga is a pop star that likes to shock whether through her music or comments, but most of all through her wacky wardrobe.

She's also not a girl who would dream of wearing the same thing twice, except possibly for her ridiculously high platform shoes.

But could it be - dare we even think it - that Lady Gaga has finally run out of ideas?

Mwah to my little monsters: Gaga blows kisses to her fans as she stops at the airport

The pop star was snapped arriving in Japan today and was greeted by her legion of adoring fans eager to get a glimpse or maybe even an autograph from their idol.

And while all eyes were on her attire as usual, attention was drawn to her hair, but not because she had come up with a brand new style, but because she has revisited an old one.

Gaga wore a bow of hair in her long blonde locks - a look she first sported two years ago.

None more black: Gaga looked very gothic in her long dress and dark lipstick

Clearly it's a style she likes as she has taken to wearing it again, or maybe she was just lacking a bit of creativity after her long-haul flight.

She looked very gothic in her long black dress and leather jacket, which she teamed with small round sunglasses and black lipstick.

Gaga is in Japan on a promotional tour and said she was happy to be there as she took to her Twitter page the day after it was hacked and all her followers were promised free iPads.

Sign this please! Gaga was overwhelmed by her fans as she stopped to talk to them as she got off the plane

Who do I make this out to? Gaga signs one lucky monster's photo as her vigilant security guards look on

She wrote: 'Phew. The hacking is over! And just in time, I'm on my way to Japan! So excited to spend Xmastime with my TokyoMonsters!

'Ready for redwine and 12 hrs of napping. Is it weird I like flying because I can sleep and my t-t-telephone has no service?'

But she was quick to turn on her phone as soon as she arrived at her hotel as she posted a photo of herself and wrote: 'Just arrived in Tokyo! So happy to see my Kawaii Monsters! #SleepyGaga bedtime. I'm a professional napper today.'

Rising star: Gaga first sported her hair bow at the beginning of her pop stardom in 2009

Meanwhile, the pop star has been given the accolade of Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press.

She was voted for by editors and broadcasters of news organisations in the US that make up AP's membership.

And she said: 'I am humbled and honored to be named 'Entertainer of The Year' by The Associated Press.

We love you: Gaga was given a card from the Lesbian Gay Bi Sexual and Transgender community in Japan

'My deepest gratitude to the broadcasters and journalists who've supported me over the years, and in turn, are now supporting the loves of my life: my fans.

'Thank you for believing in "Born This Way". May you continue to brave the dreams of showbiz.'

Gaga was also heralded for her anti-bullying campaigning which came about after the suicide of her fan, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, from Buffalo, New York.

She met with White House officials this month to talk about the issue and

founded the Born This Way Foundation to promote the cause.

She's coming, Japan! Gaga was snapped about to jet out of Los Angeles, minus the bow

source: dailymail


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