'Lauren Goodger in a bikini will repel him': Maria Fowler attacks her TOWIE co-star


Oh behave: Maria Fowler makes it clear to Cara that she does not like Lauren Goodger

Christmas time is supposed to be the season of goodwill.

Perhaps someone should inform the female cast of The Only Way Is Essex that.

Maria Fowler and Lauren Goodger appear to officially be mortal enemies.

Within the first ten minutes of the show Maria had her claws out and made it crystal clear that she despised Lauren.

Keeping quite: Lauren Goodger didn't make any nasty comments about Maria during the show

Maria was discussing plans for a girly night in with Billi and asked the extra who she would be inviting for the pamper evening.

Billi said she would have Lydia Rose Bright and Lucy Mecklenburgh over for some serious bling and glitter.

Something in the water: Lauren shared a hot tub with Mario Falcone and Joey Essex while in Lapland

Maria then interrupted and said: 'No ego's.'

A confused looking Billi asked who she was referring to and Maria replied 'Lauren Goodger'.

Her blonde haired friend seemed to show support for the attack and said: 'Well listen, no bitches here tonight.'

Full house: Left to right, Chloe Sims, Mario Falcone, Lauren Pope, Joey Essex and Lauren Goodger share a hot tub

Pamper time: Lydia Rose Bright, Lucy Mecklenburgh and Billi share a joke on the show

Later in the episode the girls are joined by Lucy Mecklenburgh and Lydia Rose Bright for the pamper session and Maria couldn't resist having a dig at Lauren's weight.

As Lucy's worried about her boyfriend Mario Falcone being on holiday in Lapland with Lauren, Maria consoled her in the best way she knew how.

She shot down Lucy's thoughts about Mario and Lauren sharing a hot tub by saying: 'But to be fair, Lauren in a bikini or you in a bikini? If anything its gonna repel him.'

Second wave: Maria jokes that Lauren in a bikini will put Mario off from fancying her

The 25-year-old then went on Twitter after the show to defend her scathing comments.

She posted: 'Haha don't even start sayin I'm bein bitchy when there is a LOT you don't know!!!!!!! (sic).

She added: 'Lmao so the massive fight wasn't on................ Wow.... If people knew the reason behind things that are said #YouWouldntJudge....'

From what the TOWIE star said online it would suggest that her ill-feeling towards Lauren is due to a good reason.

On a serious note: Maria suggested on Twitter that she was justified for her comments during the show

source: dailymail


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