Flashmob keeps abreast of the crowd as 40 mothers defend their right to feed their infants in public


All in it together: The mothers led by Clare Jones-Hughes (Black and White jacket) breastfed their babies in central Brighton today to protest against discrimination about feeding in public

A hardy group of mothers staged a breastfeeding flashmob demonstration in a city centre to declare their right to feed their babies in public.

Up to 40 mothers, some accompanied by their partners, descended on Brighton, East Sussex, and breastfed their children in front of Christmas shoppers.

Claire Jones-Hughes, 38, organised the demonstration after she was criticised by customers in a cafe for breastfeeding one of her daughters last week.

She was confronted by a group of four middle-aged women and a man in her favourite vegetarian restaurant, Wai Kika Moo Kau, after feeding four-month-old Callie.

Mrs Jones-Hughes said: 'One woman said, 'It was very unpleasant watching you feed. You should have covered up more.

Public right: The demonstration was organised after Claire Jones-Hughes (out of shot) was criticised by customers in a cafe for breastfeeding one of her daughters last week

She said: 'After they left, the manager came over to ask what happened and was mortified when I told him.

'When I calmed down it reminded me of all the stories I’ve heard from other women who’ve had similar experiences.'

After drumming up support online, Mrs Jones-Hughes encouraged other women to brave the cold to feed their babies as part of the flash mob at the Clock Tower.

Strong support: Some of the mothers bought their partners to the protest with them

Local NCT committee member Suzanne Borrell said: 'There is an assumption that Brighton is generally seen as a very tolerant, broad-minded community but as this and previous unpleasant episodes show, nowhere is safe from such bigotry.'

Faruk Bulut, the owner of the cafe in Brighton’s Kensington Gardens, said he supported the right of mothers to breastfeed their children where they want.

source: dailymail


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