Extra dimension: artist's stunning 3D street art in new book


Monkeying around: 'St Paul's and London craning skyward' is one of the illusions in street artist Kurt Wenner's new book 'Asphalt Renaissance'

It may look as though a rainforest has appeared on London's Embankment - but this is just an illusion created by renowned street artist Kurt Wenner.

The former NASA space illustrator turned street artist has drawn Spiderman swinging from the buildings in Japan and a scene from adventure horror film The Mummy in Waterloo station.

And now hundreds of drawings from Wenner's 25-year career have been published in a new book 'Asphalt Renaissance'.

A Wenner wonder: Spider-man beckons to passers-by in the Japanese city of Osaka

Street party: Islington residents are treated to a giant picnic complete with sandwiches and cakes courtesy of Wenner

Wenner invented a new geometry that creates compositions that appear to rise from or fall into the ground.

Using his homemade pastels, he can take up to seven days to complete his intricately detailed large-scale drawings, sometimes longer depending on the weather.

Wenner's innovative style draws on religion and classical mythology.

Wenner began his career in Rome, inspired by the city's centuries-old tradition of street art.

Wenner explains: 'The pieces look real because they are calculated to be perfectly and mathematically accurate.'

Guess what I saw on my way home: Wenner's Incident at Waterloo puzzles London commuters

The Italian job: Children appear to fly through the spires that have sprung up in Bettona, Italy.

source: dailymail


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