'He did the right thing': Father of Big Man who threw foul-mouthed student off train stands up for his son


The big man: Alan Pollock, left, became a YouTube hero after throwing student Sam Main, right, off a train

The family of train vigilante Alan Pollock broke their silence tonight to insist he had done the right thing by throwing an alleged fare dodger off a train.

His father, retired accountant Jim Pollock, said he brought his son up to know 'right from wrong'.

Mr Pollock, speaking at his home in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, insisted he would have 'done the same thing' as his son if he was in his position.

Alan, 35, hauled Sam Main off Friday night's train from Edinburgh to Perth after the 19-year-old swore at an elderly conductor. A video of the incident has become a hit on YouTube.

Time to move on son: The burly passenger looks down on the teenager and offers the conductor his assistance

It emerged today that Alan, nicknamed the 'big man', is facing a police investigation after the teenager's family complained of assault.

Although Alan was cheered by his fellow passengers for removing the apparent troublemaker, the family of the 'victim' has demanded that he should 'have his day in court'.

British Transport Police confirmed they were investigating the accusation.

Off and away: The 'big man' hoists the youth up from his seat and throws him off the train

Alan's father today spoke out about the incident and defended his son.

Jim, who is in his 60s, said: 'I have spoken to Alan and told him he did the right thing.

'It's totally unacceptable. As a family man I could never have allowed my kids to do that.

'I'm sure his father [Main's] would not be very proud of him.

'I brought them up to know right from wrong and that's all my son was doing.'

Defending himself: Sam Main, who says he was thrown off the train and 'landed on his face', at his home in Falkirk, Scotland

'Do you turn your face the other way when something has happened, if somebody got stabbed in the street?

'It's very out of character for Alan. He must have been pushed to the limit. I was a wee bit disappointed no one actually got up and helped him.'

Mr Pollock said his son would not have thrown him off the train if he had not been given permission by the inspector.

'He asked the chap. The inspector wasn't capable of putting the boy off. The inspector gave him permission to do it. If the inspector said no Alan would have sat down.'

Asked how his son was dealing with the media storm surrounding the video, he said: 'He's obviously concerned about the press coverage.

'But this happens just about every other day. The train prices are so high because of the number of train dodgers. That's why the fares are so expensive.

source: dailymail


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