An even better bikini body! Stephanie Seymour reveals the results of her exercise regime in St Barts after shedding 10lbs


Top of her game, again: Stephanie Seymour showed off the results of her exercise regime in St Barts today

She was once hailed a 'swimsuit supermodel' on the cover of Sports Illustrated, so for Stephanie Seymour the bikini stakes are high.

No matter that she's now a 42-year-old mother of four, the world is still a aesthetically-driven place and people will judge her form.

It may not be fair, but Seymour has been a model since she was 16 and she knows the drill, get in shape before you hit the beach.

Before and after: Seymour still looked great on the same beach in 2010, but has worked at losing the ten extra pounds that she loathed

Especially when you're headed to one peppered with celebrities.

Last year she was upset when she was photographed on the showbiz sand after gaining ten pounds.

When she was snapped having a cuddle with her openly gay son, Peter Jnr, Stephanie told Town and Country that he was comforting her about the weight gain: 'I'd gained ten pounds, and was feeling insecure,' she admitted.

So this year she's left nothing to chance, and unveiled a new improved beach body today thanks to dieting, exercise and a tan.

Just yesterday, the former girlfriend of Axl Rose was putting her already extremely well honed body through it's paces in St Barts.

Swimsuit supermodel: Stephanie looked incredible today as she made her beach debut

Model mommy: Seymour played in the surf with her family, her she larks around with daughter Lily

It's a big turnaround after early last year when the couple were in the throes of one of the ugliest celebrity divorce battles.

They revealed in September that they were calling off their acrimonious divorce despite already spending millions each on legal fees and had got back together.

They first announced their split in March 2009 and embarked on a bitter battle rife with allegations of infidelity, drug abuse and wild spending sprees and embroiled their children in the process.

Stephanie seen in her Victoria's Secret modelling heyday in 2009

Stronger than ever: Stephanie and husband Peter Brant did their exercise together

She told Oprah the night before she and her husband were due in court to finalise their divorce she had a change of heart: ‘I had an epiphany. I went to my husband’s house with a sort of peace offering... and we just decided then and there to reconcile and work things out between us.’

Stephanie’s renewed commitment to her husband and marriage were not the only topics she openly discussed with the talk show host.

Locals: The couple own a mansion on the island, and spend the winter there each year

She explained: ‘We had no idea one second would be turned into something that could ever be thought of as inappropriate. He’s my baby. He’s a gorgeous young man, but he’s my baby.’

Seymour was also a coveted Victoria's Secret angel.

She has since grace more than 300 magazine covers and considered the world's most celebrated swimsuit models.

source: dailymail


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