Love letters! One man’s globe-trotting bid to propose to his girlfriend by spelling out ‘We always knew’ and finally ‘Will you marry me’


The globetrotting's over: The final photo, but the bride-to-be is unaware of what's in the background of the photo

Online proposals have become something of a trend in the past year or so, but this one comes with some history - six years, in fact.

A young Montreal couple began dating six years ago and after about a year they decided it was beginning to look serious.

The boyfriend was a pilot who journeyed all over the world, often taking his girlfriend with him.

They decided to document some of the best moments from their romantic travels by taking photos with letters.

The individual letters collectively spelled out 'we always knew.'

The idea behind it was to show that if they get married one day, then ... they always knew.

Captain's log: In the cockpit at the start of their journeys

When in Rome: In the city of romance, the couple produced an N

The couple were captured on film with the final letter, W, in Montreal - but he had a big surprise for her.

With a friend tucked away out of view with a video camera, the boyfriend also had two secret bystanders on hand to help, to which the girlfriend was oblivious.

He then asked someone nearby to take a photo of the lovers holding the W.

As the person clicked, the two bystanders standing behind the couple rolled out the words to spell out 'Will you marry me?'

The would-be groom then showed his would-be bride the picture on the camera.

Next stop Mexico: The couple show a W in a Mexican restaurant

Greek odyssey: A 'Y' in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

At that point he whipped out the ring and popped the question on bended knee.

Tearfully, she flew into his arms and embraced to cheers of others close by.

The video was posted on November 16 and has brought quite an emotional response from his Youtube viewers.

'Awwwwwww that made me cry, you are sooo cute and creative, good luck to you,' said one commentator.

'That was super freaking cute. I may be crying like a little sissy right now,' said another.

One wag, however, posted: 'Well it's not long before they end up on Ellen.

source: dailymail


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