Is there anything he won't do? David Hasselhoff takes to the stage in his underwear to close AMA performances with Justin Bieber and LMFAO


What a dancer: David showed off the moves that made him a pop sensation in Germany during the performance

A galaxy of music's finest stars graced the stage at the American Music Awards tonight.

But it wasn't talent or controversy that stole the show, it was a bizzare performance from David Hasselhoff which saw him strip down to his boxers to close the show.

The Baywatch favourite was seen strutting around the stage in the ridiculous outfit with LMFAO and Justin Bieber

Ripp: The group ripped off David Hasselhoff's demure suit to reveal the ridiculous outfit he wore underneath

The Britain's Got Talent judge stipped off his suit to reveal tight shorts with a smiley face on the front, the phrase 'don't judge me on the back,' and the look was topped off with a sleeveless T-shirt.

But he was not the only person who laughed it up with the joke outfit.

Teenage pop idol Justin Bieber also sang with them on stage, with the highlight of his outfit being a garish 'sexy and I know it T-shirt.'

Dance Bieber: Justin was feeling the fever as he showed off some of his best dance techniques during his comical appearance

It was Justin's second performance of the evening after he took to the stage to perform his track 'Under The Mistletoe' from his festive-themed album.

Bieber wasn't the only star to take to the stage twice tonight and Jennifer Lopez also gave two very different performances.

Her first was a raunchy set with rapper Pitbull who then went on to sing with her estranged husband Marc Anthony later in the show.

Getting into the party spirit: Like the Hoff Justin also got into the mood with a garsih ensemble and showcased his best chicken stomp

Christmas turkey: Justin Bieber failed to hit his usual heights when he performed tame festive tune Mistletoe

source: dailymail


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